Business transportation

VIP-transport: comfortable and safe

QBT transports VIP’s in style, with luxury vehicles and with a very high level of service. Our drivers are reliable, discreet and keep a sharp eye on your safety. That is why QBT is the first transportation choice for many CEO’s, political leaders and artists.


Do you want to book a ride? Use our form to make a simple and fast choice of type of vehicle, date, time and location. If you prefer, don’t hesitate to call us.

Service-oriented drivers

The drivers in employ of QBT are reliable, discreet, representable and well trained. All our drivers are bilingual (Dutch and English), trained in special driving techniques and in possession of all required documents. If you have special requests, do not hesitate to ask your driver. QBT drivers are exceptionally service oriented.

Customised business transportation


VIP transport with a QBT vehicle and driver


VIP transport in your own vehicle with a QBT driver


VIP transport in combination with security


In assignment: hiring a QBT driver for a longer time

Driver Service

Do you need a professional driver for a period of time? Private or professional?
No problem: with QBT’s Driver Service you hire a driver for your own vehicle. For optimum utilisation of your drivers time, during waiting, he will act as your personal assistant.

Book a vehicle now

Book a vehicle now