Quality Business Transport

Luxury, five star business transportation for VIP’s

Business transportation

Our experienced drivers offer a comfortable, stylish ride.

Airport service

Experience our VIP treatment. Quick transportation to and from the airport without check in and baggage dilemmas.

Artist VIP transport

Quick, discreet and safe: Luxury artist transportation by an experienced driver who understand all aspects of his field.


For transportation of larger groups. Whether it be crew transport of a staff party, we take care of it to perfection.


Do you want to book a ride? Use our form to make a simple and fast choice of type of vehicle, date, time and location. If you prefer, don’t hesitate to call us.

Every group size, every distance

24 hours a day, 7 days a week we offer a choice of luxury vehicles from our fleet. Whether you require only a short trip or a trip abroad, for a single person or a larger group, QBT can fulfil your wishes.

Electric transportation

QBT is a modern company with focus on the future. Shortly we will expand our fleet with electric vehicles. Make a durable statement in the manor you let yourself be transported. (based on availability)

Book a vehicle now

Book a vehicle now